Crown Rally 2018

Volunteer FAQ

What volunteer positions are available?

Although we are open to considering volunteers in many different roles, the following primary positions are currently available:

  • Traveling Checkpoint Teams: You and a friend will pilot your own vehicle, staffing one checkpoint per day of the rally. Checkpoint staff will scan badges of all rally cars as they arrive, getting an awesome first-person perspective of the teams rolling through. After all cars have navigated through your checkpoint, you may participate in the remainder of the rally until your next duty the following morning. Each checkpoint is staffed with two (2) volunteer teams.

  • Traveling Checkpoint Individuals: You will be paired with another volunteer individual to perform the duties mentioned above.

  • Setup/Teardown: You will join a team at one (or multiple) launch, arrival, and/or other checkpoint locations throughout the rally weekend that require extensive setup, teardown, and/or other tasks.

Why should I volunteer/What should I expect?

Volunteering is a fun and rewarding adventure that extends much of the rally excitement and experience without the same financial commitment. It’s not a walk in the park – you’ll be waking up early, diligently strategizing, and working for hours – but many of our volunteers are returning for their 3rd and 4th years, so clearly they’ve determined that the experience is well worth the effort!

What do volunteers pay for/What’s included?

Rally volunteers are expected to cover most of their own expenses, including: fuel, food, and lodging. Crown Rally will provide: rally livery, professional vinyl installation, and rally merch/swag. Crown Rally will also extend severely discounted room rates to volunteers that choose to stay at the official rally hotels. Many volunteers combine rooms to keep lodging costs as low as $100/person for the weekend – while others book their own room for a relaxing weekend, albeit at a higher cost. Inquire for exact rates.

Can I join the rally after my daily volunteer duties have been performed?

Absolutely! If you are a traveling volunteer, you’re encouraged to finish the day of driving and participate in the arrival ceremony/party once your daily tasks are complete – as long as you’re ready for the next day’s duties.

I want to help, but I can’t afford to travel - can I still volunteer?

Yes! If travel isn’t feasible for you, we have many alternative ways you can help out in your local region. Inquire for details.

I’m interested in volunteering - how do I begin?

Because we’ve had an overwhelming amount of interest from prospective volunteers for 2018, we’re formalizing the application process. Everyone will be asked to complete a volunteer application - regardless of experience - with priority given to veteran volunteers and those with a strong performance history.

How do I apply?

We will be formally accepting volunteers shortly! Until then, keep an eye on our facebook for an announcement, or reach out to Javier below.

If I have questions or concerns, who should I contact?

Contact Javier Monesterio at: